Freelance Web Developer.

I’m Harry, a¬†Freelance Web Developer and Digital Marketer working with businesses across the Europe and the US since 2020.

Hello! I’m Harry..

About me

I’m a 26 year old digital marketer and freelance web developer that has been working online with businesses across the UK, Europe and the US since 2020.

I’ve worked with small businesses, non-profits and as part of marketing teams on large scale projects.

Harry Jones

+40 Businesses

I've worked with over 40 businesses across Europe, the UK and the US and helped them with their Digital Marketing, Web Development and WordPress Websites.

Speedy Delivery

All my work is delivered between 4 - 7 days after I have recieved your on-boarding questionnaires.


I can create custom websites from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Or Alternatively use platforms such as WordPress or Shopify.